Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Q & A regarding Domino 9.0.1 FP8 new features: Move views out of databases & Increase the document summary data limit to 16 MB

Domino 9.0.1 FP8 has introduced 2 new features: Move views out of databases & Increase the document summary data limit to 16 MB. There is not much explanation on both features and I have posted some questions to IBM.

Q1. To enable both features at the same time, considering our DB are on ODS51 / ODS48, and to reduce compact time, which are the compact options that we need to run? And can we combine these compact options together to save time?

for -nifnsf, as this option require -c (-replica is not suggested, however, -replica did works once nifnsf of db was successfully turned on) to do the core task of stripping views out of DB/ or moving views back. so any options works well with "-c" should works with "-nifnsf".
however, I'd like to mention that "nifnsf" and "largesummary" are mostly used when we turn on/off the feature, no need to repeatly do it on a regular basis.
moreover,  large summary enabled DB is irreversible as you know, once you got a document with large summary, it has no way to be automatically shrinked into a regular small summary document

Q2. We have schedule compact -REPLICA -RESTART on some of our critical DB, can we combine some of the compact options to upgrade ODS version and enable these 2 features?

as new featrue does not work old ODS, so I would suggest not to combine upgrade ODS and nifnsf&large-summary in one shot.                    
again, as mentioned above, there is no need to repeatly use compact -nifnsf/largesummary.

Q3. I noticed there is some performance issue which was fixed in 9.0.1 FP8 IF1, are we able to see any performance improvement or degradation if we enable both new features on a DB?

these two new feature should not have any dependencies to those performance improvements. so please refer to details about those performance issues to see what it improved.

Q4. After implementing these 2 new features, are there any issue with our current practice which runs weekly compact -REPLICA -RESTART & updall -R on the DBs?

once these two features are enabled, it works in background, up to now, we have no open issues for these situation.

Q5. Do we need to run regular maintenance on the view DB (.NDX file)? For example, if views are reduced in a DB, does the .NDX file will shrink itself or maintenance is required?

ndx goes with its master nsf when we do the compact command. a compact to master nsf db could trigger ndx compact on demand.(by default, if the usage of ndx does not meet a specific critira it will be automatically skipped.)

Q6. Any pending fixes for both new features which are still not released?


Q7. How can we revert the changes if we encounter issues with both new features?

for nifnsf,  compact db with -nifnsf off and "-c".                    
for largesummary, as mentioned above. large summary documents are irreversible.      

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